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Two Redemptive Meditations

Two Redemptive Meditations

Many individuals and groups in the world today are regularly using two special, "redemptive" meditations. One is a meditation for workers in the new group of world servers who are interested in preparing the way for the reappearance of the Christ, and the other is a meditation of a simple nature (combining the aspects of prayer, meditation and invocation) which has for its objective the deflecting of money from material ends into the work which the Hierarchy seeks to have accomplished.

Reflective Meditation Upon Preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ


1. It is suggested that you do this meditation once every week, each Thursday, in the place of your usual meditation; endeavour to assume an attitude of aspiration, devotion, prayer and fixed intention (in this order), prior to following the outline. Esoteric students need the heart approach, as well as the mental approach, in order to make this meditation the powerful instrument which it can be.

2. Between Thursdays endeavour to carry out the results of the reflection expressed in this meditation. Lay practical plans and then review each week the planned activities when you sit down to this meditation, in the light of your expressed intention.

3. Make this meditation brief and dynamic. After doing it a few times, this should be easily possible; forget the various stages and be impelled by the sequence and the synthesis of the form.

Stage I

After achieving a positive and intended personality quietness, formulate clearly to yourself in your own words, the answers to the following questions:

  1. As a member of the new group of world servers, what is my specific fixed intention at this moment of dedicated contact with my soul?
  2. Is my concentrated and expressed personality purpose in line with hierarchical intention as far as I am permitted to know it?
  3. Have I in my own personal daily life–earned the right (because of definite effort and not so much because of success) to stand with those servers Who are now undertaking the work of preparation?

This is the one time in the meditation where you think of yourself, and it is here because it is a method of personality, focussed attention and aligns your personality upon the mental plane.

Stage II

Having answered these three questions in the light of the soul, then say with emphasis: Forgetting the things which lie behind, I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities. I dedicate myself anew to the service of the coming One and will do all I can to prepare men's minds and hearts for that event. I have no other life intention.


Stage III

  1. Visualise the world situation as best you can and in terms of your major world interest and with what knowledge of world affairs you may possess. See the mass of men everywhere glowing with a dim light and, here and there, points of brighter light where members of the new group of world servers and men of spiritual intention and of loving hearts are working for their fellowmen.
  2. Then visualise (through the creative imagination) the vivid light of the Hierarchy, streaming towards humanity and slowly merging with the light which is already in men. Then say the first stanza of the Great Invocation:From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men.Let Light descend on Earth.
  3. Then ponder upon the reappearance of the Christ; realise that no matter by what name He may be called in the many world religions, He is still the same great Identity; reflect and speculate upon the possible results of His appearance. Then say the second stanza of the Invocation:From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth.
  4. Endeavour to concentrate your fixed intention to serve and to spread love in your surroundings and realise that insofar as you can do these things you are attempting to blend your personal will with the divine Will. Then say stanza three of the Invocation.From the centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men–The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
  5. Consider practically what you can do in the coming week to further the preparations for the coming of the Christ.


Then sound the OM three times, dedicating the threefold personality to the work of preparation.

( From Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II, pp. 226-8)

Reflective Meditation on Attracting Money for Hierarchical Purposes


1. This meditation is so simple that many of you may regard it as innocuous and perhaps futile. Used by many simultaneously, it may shatter the impasse which at present prevents adequate funds pouring into the work which the Hierarchy seeks to accomplish.

2. Do this meditation every Sunday morning. Take what you have saved during the previous week and dedicate it to the work and present it in meditation to the Christ and His Hierarchy. Whether the sum is large or small, it can become an attractive and magnetic unit in the Master's plans.

3. Realise the occult Law that "to those who give shall be given" so that they can give again.

4. Attempt to feel true love sweeping through you, and have the fixed intention to express this love to all you contact. It is the great attractive and selfless agent in world affairs.

Stage I

After achieving a positive and intended personality quietness, formulate clearly to yourself and in your own words, the answers to the following questions:

  1. If money is one of the most important things needed today for spiritual work, what is the factor which is at present deflecting it away from the work of the Hierarchy?
  2. What is my personal attitude towards money? Do I regard it as a great and possible spiritual asset, or do I think of it in material terms?
  3. What is my personal responsibility in regard to money which passes through my hands? Am I handling it as a disciple of the Masters should handle it?


Stage II

  1. Ponder on the redemption of humanity through the right use of money. Visualise the money in the world today as
    1. Concretised energy, at present largely used for purely material purposes and for the satisfaction (where the individual is concerned) of purely personal desires.
    2. Visualise money as a great stream of flowing golden substance, passing out of the control of the Forces of Materialism into the control of the Forces of Light.
  2. Then say the following invocative prayer, with focussed mental concentration and from a heartfelt desire to meet spiritual demands: O Thou in Whom we live and move and have our being, the Power that can make all things new, turn to spiritual purposes the money in the world; touch the hearts of men everywhere so that they may give to the work of the Hierarchy that which has hitherto been given to material satisfaction. The new group of world servers needs money in large quantities. I ask that the needed vast sums may be made available. May this potent energy of Thine be in the hands of the Forces of Light.
  3. Then visualise the work to be done by those groups which claim your present allegiance (i.e., the Arcane School and the Service Activities, or any other group which you know is attempting to carry out the hierarchical Plan). Then, through the creative imagination and by an act of the will, see untold and unlimited sums of money pouring into the hands of those who seek to do the Masters' work.
  4. Then say aloud, with conviction and emphasis: He for Whom the whole world waits has said that whatsoever shall be asked in His Name and with faith in the response will see it accomplished.Remember at the same time that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Then add:I ask for the needed money for . . . . . . . . . . and can demand it because From the centre which we call the race of menLet the Plan of Love and Light work outAnd may it seal the door where evil dwells.
  5. Close with a careful consideration of your own responsibility to the Plan, and each week plan your financial cooperation with the Hierarchy. Be practical and realistic and know that if you do not give, you may not ask, for you have no right to evoke that which you do not share.

( From Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II, pp. 228-31)