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General Articles

The Antahkarana as an Electrical Phenomenon

A talk given by Laurence Newey at the Arcane School Conference in New York 2012.

Electric Universe - the Human Story

A report on a conference exploring the electrical nature of reality held in Las Vegas 6-8 Jan, 2012

Science, Alchemy and Psychological Transmutation

A Talk given by Laurence Newey at Theoversity: Oxford Conference, Christ Church College, 18-19 March 2011 on the theme of Esotericism & Psychology: The Bridge between Spirituality & Science

Electric Climate

As discussed in the World Goodwill newsletter “What is Life?”, esoteric philosophy regards Life as “a constant flow of electrical energy, while forms are temporary expressions through which life manifests at the dense physical level”. The whole of manifestation is therefore alive – the atom itself having a rudimentary consciousness. With this in mind we can take a fresh look at one of the big worries of our time – changes in global climate and weather patterns – viewing them from the angle of intelligent, electrical life.

The Electric Gods

Reprinted from The Beacon magazine April-June 2008 issue

Arcane School talk on The Electric Bridge, London 2008

A talk given by Mintze Van der Velde on developments in the realm of science which are of particular interest from the point of view of the Ageless Wisdom, electricity and magnetism.