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Honoring Nelson Mandela – A Call to People of Goodwill

A Call... to


Everywhere in the World

To recognize the power of goodwill as a vital force,
molding opinions and guiding actions
in constructive cooperation.

To realize that this power is greatly needed in world
affairs at this time, and that without goodwill among
all humanity, no lasting peace is possible.

To strive to express goodwill increasingly in their daily
lives and so become effective radiating points of
goodwill within the body of humanity

To give personal recognition and support to every
statement and effort carrying the goodwill note, so
that whenever and wherever the power of goodwill
is used it will have the support of an enlightened public.

To use their time, their thought and their money
to increase goodwill action everywhere in the world.

People of goodwill are those of all countries, all races and of every class who are naturally kind, who prefer friendly relations with others, who know the practical value of unselfishness, and who live constructively. They prefer to understand and cooperate with other races, nations and individuals. They therefore do not hate, criticize, condemn, attack or destroy. They are intelligent people whose minds are not closed to the wisdom of their hearts. They are known by the way they live.


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