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A Network of Light and Love

Enlarge the work of the Triangles so that, subjectively and etherically, light and goodwill may envelop the earth.

Triangles Video

introducing the work of Triangles. Watch on YouTube.

Introductory information on the Triangles work in the English language.

Introductory information on the Triangles work in other languages.

Form a Triangle Online. Link up in a triangle with other like-minded people of goodwill in the world.

Register your triangle. All those new to the work will be sent introductory Triangles literature.

The Triangles Bulletin is sent to all members and other interested men and women of goodwill.

Download Triangles leaflets in Adobe PDF format.

The Great Invocation is a world prayer used by Triangles workers each day.

A selection of Inner Sight radio programs related to the work of Triangles.

The world has a spiritual destiny. Behind evolution there is an abiding purpose, which we can call the Plan of God.
The Plan works out through humanity. We are responsible for understanding it, and for doing what we can through our daily living to express its meaning and significance.
Triangles aids the divine Plan by establishing right human relations and to spread goodwill and understanding (light) amongst all peoples through the power of constructive thought.
This power can be employed on a worldwide scale for spiritual purposes if each one tries to understand the spiritual need of the world.
A triangle is a group of three people who link each day in thought for a few minutes of creative meditation. They invoke the energies of light and goodwill, visualising these energies as circulating through the three focal points of each triangle, and pouring out through the network of triangles surrounding the planet.
At the same time they sound the Great Invocation, and so help to form a channel for the downpouring of light and love into the consciousness of humanity.
The work takes only a few minutes to perform and can be fitted into the most crowded programme.
We hope you will join us in this worldwide group meditation work.
Form a triangle with other co-workers
Have you tried to form a triangle, but have been unable to find two like-minded people to link with?
If so, you might consider forming a Triangle online, which is a web-based initiative helping people of goodwill to form triangles of light and love.
If you form a triangle and would like to register it with headquarters, you can do so on-line, by email or by post.