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The World Goodwill Newsletter is a regular publication highlighting the energy of goodwill in world affairs. The newsletter presents a universal spiritual approach to topics of concern. We draw attention to the work of uplifting humanity done in many different fields by civil society, the United Nations, and other actors. A sample of topics covered include: UN Reform; The impact and meaning of the 2004 Tsunami; Spiritual aspects of business, and; Laws, Goodwill and Justice. Deeper analysis can be found in our Commentaries.



As highlighted in our last issue, 2015 is being celebrated by the United Nations and a network of over 100 scientific organisations in 85 countries as the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies. World Goodwill is lending its support, with a focus on the many ways in which humanity is heading Towards an Age of Light. To this end, seminars on the theme were held in London, New York and Geneva on October 25, 2014. World Goodwill asked a co-worker and attendee of the Seminar in London, who also watched the New York event on video and read the transcript for Geneva, to give an overall impression of the experience and what was achieved. more...


In London, introductory remarks noted Aristotle’s observation that “technology imitates nature”. In today’s world, we are seeing more and more evidence of this... For example, researchers have discovered how the complex microstructures found in the eyes of moths have evolved to collect as much light as possible without reflection... Deep sea creatures also shed light on the future of medical imaging. As we come to learn from, work with and appreciate nature more, the way opens up for more enlightened technological advances. more...


In New York, opening remarks invited the audience to consider the search for light and the revelations it brings as a primal urge in the human being. Light has always been associated with spirituality. Ideas have always been associated with light too, as epitomized in the familiar cartoon of a light bulb lighting up in the head of someone who is having a bright idea or moment of genius. Psychological light is a very real thing that occurs through the pineal gland.more...


In Geneva, the seminar opened with the observation that light has fascinated us for centuries, if not thousands of years. Yet, do we really know what Light is? Even on the strictly physical plane we are not that sure. We know light as a wave phenomenon, but since the introduction of quantum physics we also know it as a quantum phenomenon, with photons which nowadays we can almost study individually. Thus from one point of view light is an energy of waves, from another it is a stream of particles.more...

Image Credits: Top - European Southern Observatory, ; End - Trey Ratcliff (


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