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WORLD VIEW - Service: The Jewel of Many Facets

There is at this time in world history an increasing interest in, and aspiration towards service activity of one kind or another. A dilemma faced by many people of goodwill at this time is the question of how best to serve, and how best to satisfy that palpable inner urge towards participation in the beneficent economy of the Whole.

WORLD VIEW - Prophecy and Prediction

The “power to predict”, to imagine future possibilities and estimate their likelihood, has always been a salient feature of our species...Yet these complex processes of prediction or forecasting rely on the power of the concrete mind, and so are unable to penetrate into the realms of the higher mind and intuition, where the higher analogue of prediction, prophecy, resides.

WORLD VIEW - The Place of Racial Memory in the One Humanity

Embedded in almost every culture and society are memories and myths which make up an essential part of that society’s traditions and worldview. These are passed on to the children early in life by their parents and community, and reinforced by the educational system throughout the children’s formative years.

WORLD VIEW - Phoenix Rising

It is often said that we currently live in a time of profound transition. The familiar mores and institutions of societies in every part of the world are being challenged in many ways. We could even say that global civilisation itself is undergoing transformation. This is the result of the growing potency of the human mind and its continual reaching out into the world of Ideas.

WORLD VIEW - Sharing the Earth

As long as we hold on to the idea that we are entitled to own material property too rigorously – be it a piece of land, a house, a car, the oil, gas and minerals of the earth, a business, etc. isn’t it likely that the human species will continue to be bound and imprisoned in the material world?

WORLD VIEW - The Spiritual Side of Austerity

History shows that austere times can have the capacity to transform people and nations. As the current economic stringency is bringing hardship to so many, austerity is probably a word that few would view in a positive light.

WORLD VIEW - Freedom and Self-Determination

Throughout the world over the past year, the cry for freedom has been sounded by one society after another, brought to the barricades demanding their right to self-determination.And the world has celebrated their courage.

WORLD VIEW - Goodwill in the Electric Mirror

Goodwill is a rapidly growing expression throughout the world (as we are told, it is “contagious”), and this is significant because it means that human consciousness is beginning to conform to the great cosmic principle of love.

WORLD VIEW - The Speed of Truth

Rapid communication networks, such a prominent feature of the information age, are an indication that dynamic processes are taking place in human consciousness. First and foremost among these is the rapid increase of intellectual capacity.

WORLD VIEW - Goodwill: the Spirit of Sharing

In the writings of Alice Bailey, it is said that the great spiritual achievement and evolutionary event of our age will be the communion and human relationships established among all peoples...

WORLD VIEW - Cultural Sensitives – a new vocation for a world of intermingling cultures

“Multiculturalism” is a term which has been in the news recently, as a number of politicians, including the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, have expressed doubts about its success within their countries...

“Culture” itself is a term with a number of meanings. In ordinary discussion, it often refers to the arts. Yet, taken in its widest sense, it extends far beyond the arts to encompass a complex synthesis of social, religious and political values and expectations. It is therefore fundamentally subjective in nature.

WORLD VIEW - Freedom and World Citizenship

The concept of freedom is currently at the forefront of thought in connection with the rising of the peoples in the Arab world in search of the freedoms that other nations enjoy. The resolve of the United Nations has once again been tested, and this time the response has demonstrated a collective will to offer protection to those subject to the terrifying repercussions of persecution and slaughter.

WORLD VIEW - Fluid Bureaucracies for a Creative Age

The fossilisation of systems of thought occurs over long timescales, and so may be difficult to detect at first. A related obstacle to change, which is more short-term in nature, is the inflexibility

WORLD VIEW - The Crisis of Disclosure

As rapid communication systems have increased in speed and capacity, a natural corollary has been greater accessibility to information that was previously concealed and the opportunity to disseminate it to all corners of the earth.

WORLD VIEW - Goodwill - the Foundation of an Enlightened Public Opinion

The mobilising of goodwill is closely linked with the power of public opinion.The Tibetan Master repeatedly stressed this point when he was laying the foundation for the service activity now known as World Goodwill.There may be many reasons for linking goodwill to public opinion, but one which especially speaks to the current times is that we cannot count upon our leaders, particularly in government, to resolve all world problems.The issues are so pervasive and of such critical importance that the resolution of the problems lies in nothing less than the transformation of human consciousness.

WORLD VIEW - Entitlement

The question of entitlement is much in the public mind today.In principle, an entitlement is a guarantee of access to benefits because of inherent rights or by law. .


World Goodwill considers the predicted disasters that loom in human consciousness as prophecies.Various names have been given to these pending catastrophes...

WORLD VIEW - Needed: An Awakened Response to Disasters

A reflection on the need for a more enlightened, intuitive, long-term response to disasters.

WORLD VIEW - Awakening to the Laws of the Soul

We don't usually think of love as being a law. Yet, it is. It doesn't seem to be a man-made law even though it was enunciated by Christ two thousand years ago. But it is a law that mankind responds to and obeys quite easily and willingly.

WORLD VIEW - The Spirit of the Law

We live in a world teeming with rules and regulations while at the same time the human spirit is yearning for greater freedom of expression.

WORLD VIEW - The Search for the God Particle

Smashing things together as hard as possible to see what happens is one of the more predictable things a toddler will do when given toys to play with.

WORLD VIEW - The Unscattered Mind

The pace of life is accelerating. Indeed, there seems to be an insatiable desire to continually speed up the rate of change.

WORLD VIEW - It's Time to Rethink Time

The idea of time-travel—either backwards or into the future—has long intrigued scientists and science-fiction writers.

WORLD VIEW - Rehabilitation for the Nations

While a world leader’s skill in the power of oratory can communicate a vision of unity, the hard, unglamorous work of international dialogue is required between all the nations of the world in order to make it a reality.

At this critical time, we see an increasing number of world conferences taking place. It would be easy to despair at the fact that the crises these conferences seek to address have been caused by the ingrained behaviour patterns of the nations who meet there. Yet despite this, the flame of hope still burns deep and bright within the psyche of humanity; it is as if the collective subconscious is aware of the prize that awaits at the end of the difficult road it has chosen – no less than world integration and the emergence of the One Humanity.

WORLD VIEW - The Trained Observer

In the world today, there is a great need for trained observers of current affairs. This might seem a strange idea – most people probably think they are competent observers of world events. Yet, if we assume this, we ignore a number of factors that can distort our vision. These factors are the biases, prejudices and preconceptions (or glamours and illusions as they are known in the works of Alice Bailey) which we acquire as we grow up. They come from many sources – nationalist feelings, political ideologies, religious conditioning, and other social influences. Furthermore, such internal distorting filters are quite separate from any distortion due to the various agendas of the media. So, to be able to observe an event clearly, one must be aware of both these internal and external distorting factors, and able to detach oneself from them. In effect, the individual steps outside of his own distorting filters, his own personality, and sees life and events not as they affect him and those closest to him, but as they affect the world. And beyond that, he sees them not so much in terms of the outer forces at play, but in terms of the inner flow of consciousness. He then comes into touch with the world of meaning.

WORLD VIEW - The Tragedy of the Commons

In the long evolutionary history of the human race there have probably been few more difficult periods than the one we are in today. Difficulties have arisen because human consciousness is awakening at a rapid rate, even exponentially. This is good and meant to happen. But such rapid growth of the critical mind presents challenging demands – politically, economically and psychologically. In the past five hundred years there has been a sharp rise in human self-assertiveness, selfishness and competition, leading to increased conflict and warfare worldwide. Adding to the problem is a human desire for a consumer-driven life style which has created a high demand for the common resources of the planet.

WORLD VIEW - On Civil Discourse

Most sensible people recognise that speech is a better way to resolve disagreements than war is. Yet, the war of words that passes for “civil discourse” these days is too often anything but civil. In a thriving, robust democracy the right to free speech is inviolable and a true necessity if there is to be a broad presentation of ideas and a free sharing of opinions. In such a society, how can speech become the vehicle for achieving understanding and the establishing of common ground, rather than a means to subdue one’s “opponents”—meaning, all those who think differently?

WORLD VIEW - On President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

Much controversy has been stirred up by the recent awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama so early into his Presidency. Some see it as an embarrassment and encumbrance to the work before him, others see it as a triumph of good intentions over effective implementation of policy; others still, regard it as little more than a slight against the previous administration. Whatever the rights and wrongs of these and the many other points of view, a more expanded perspective can be gained by exploring the meaning behind this event.