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Table of Contents

October—December 2015

The Beacon magazine


Everything in the universe is in a state of perpetual motion. Today we see this strikingly reflected in the exodus or mass movement of people desperately fleeing hostile and intolerable conditions

July—September 2015

The Changing Sense of Self — Editorial
Any spiritual exploration of the Self must therefore, at some stage, involve an opening of the heart and the expression of its essential nature. Two articles – “The Passage of the Heart” and “Experiments and Experience in Transmutation and Radiation” – focus on this with testimonies of the qualities of the heart in relation to personal crisis, pain and detachment.

April—June 2015

Displaying LivingnessEditorial
This issue of the Beacon contains articles which express this theme of resurrection in a variety of ways: the Levity which Easter brings; reflections on the nature of synthesis; a practical expression of the Will in a military forerunner; a scientific look at the dying process; and a creative approach to the problem of fear.

January—March 2015

Exploration, Linking the Past to the Future. Editorial

. .the current Rosetta may bring us important clues and new understandings about the origin of our planet and solar system, and in particular about the origin of life here on earth. The whole project provides us with a vision of hope and accomplishment amid the many conflicts and problems of our times.


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