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World Goodwill Seminar - London


Saturday, 10th November 2007

1.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Thistle Hotel Victoria,

101 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SJ

At the heart of every nation lies latent the mystical soul and eventually—after dire struggle and distress— all will be well. Tendencies towards materialism and towards personality achievement must, under the larger plan and the will-­to-­good, be offset by a counter move of spiritual living. Every nation — without exception — has its peculiar virtues and vices which are dependent upon the point in evolution, the measure of control of the personality ray, the emerging control of the soul ray, and the general focus of the nation.
( Alice Bailey)

An afternoon of talks, discussion and meditation on how to identify and help stimulate the higher aspects of national consciousness.


Lower and Higher Aspects of the Psyche of Nations

Gillian Wright is an educator, mediator and inter­faith minister. She will be reflecting on how a recognition of the soul destiny of nations is a practical approach to right relations, and a path of evolution for the nations themselves.

How Can We Break the Hold of History?

Michael Henderson is a freelance journalist, author and speaker. He will be referring both to his own work on forgiveness, and to the work that the group Initiatives of Change has done in the building of trust and forgiveness between former opponents.

Models for Evolving Consciousness: Roerich, The Arts And Pax Cultura

Kenneth Archer is a scenic consultant and art historian. He will be discussing the relevance of art in evoking the Soul of nations, and how art symbolises the underlying universal processes we are striving to reach.

Rites of Synthesis in Dance: From Isis and Isadora to Nijinsky's Sacrificial Solos

Millicent Hodson is a choreographer, graphic artist and dance historian. She will look at the role which dance has played in evoking and revealing the higher aspects of national and international consciousness.

There is no charge for admission. This event is funded entirely by donations so your contributions are most welcome.

World Goodwill is an activity of the Lucis Trust, a registered educational charity. The Lucis Trust is on the Roster of the UN Economic and Social Council.