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World Goodwill Seminar - London



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Saturday, 1st November 2008, 1 — 5.30 pm

“Human Rights, Spiritual Responsibilities – A Crisis for Democracy?”

Grosvenor Hotel, 101 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0SJ

" the root of democracy lies the soul, the principle of love within humanity. What we call democracy is simply an expanding of the idea of group co-operation and responsibility onto a national and supra-national level." (World Goodwill Newsletter No.2/2008)

An event in support of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

An afternoon of talks, discussion and meditation on the challenges facing democracies in the present time of uncertainty and insecurity. How should democratic governments reconcile human rights and human freedoms with the need to guarantee security to their citizens? How can both governments and their citizens help to promote human rights and security on a world-wide scale?

Guest Speakers:

Julia Häusermann Finding the balance: the challenge for citizens

Julia Hausermann M.B.E. is the Founder and President of Rights and Humanity. She will be reflecting on one of the major tasks of citizenship in a democracy – balancing the rights that government guarantees with the responsibilities of active citizenship.

Adam Parsons Sharing to secure human rights: democracy in action

Adam Parsons is the Editor of Share the World’s Resources. He will be discussing the idea that it is a fundamental human right to share equally in the world’s resources, that free markets are incapable of securing basic needs universally, and the implications this has for democratic forms of government and global citizenship.

Simon Marlow The art of creative living

Simon Marlow is a professional pianist and a long-time co-worker with World Goodwill. He will be considering the role of artists in catalysing democratic freedoms, and the responsibilities that all citizens have to creatively engage with their governments.

There is no charge for admission. This event is funded entirely by donations so your contributions are most welcome.

World Goodwill is an activity of the Lucis Trust, a registered educational charity. The Lucis Trust is on the Roster of the UN Economic and Social Council.

Audio recordings of the World Goodwill Seminar


01_Opening Talk

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02_Guest Speaker - Julia Häusermann

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03_Part1 QA

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04_Part2 Intro and Guest Speaker-Adam Parsons

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06_Part2_Guest Speaker-Simon Marlow

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05_Part2 QA

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07_Part2 Closing Comments

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