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Esoteric Work in the 21st Century

How can we best use the energy of our thinking to usher in a more enlightened age of love and sharing that we all long to see?

The role of an esoteric group is not to focus its power specifically on an area of planetary crisis as this may even feed the conflict, but rather to work with established pathways of planetary energy in a more general manner to strengthen the effectiveness of light and goodwill wherever it is found. This involves an alignment with the underlying evolutionary Purpose directed from Shamballa, amplified by the Hierarchy and directed in the service of humanity at this particular time.

La Natura dell’Esoterismo

Nella Nuova Era gli educatori insisteranno sempre più sulla via esoterica e sarà utile che io tenti di definire l’esoterismo in termini accessibili all’intelligenza media...

Una Visione Esoterica del Natale

Al termine dell’esame del mondo odierno e dei Raggi che operano sulle nazioni e condizionano i Popoli, desidero toccare un’ultima questione....

The Science Of The Seven Rays

A Tool For Understanding Ourselves, Our Fellowmen, And Our World

A talk given at the Theosophical Society of Edinburgh, 30 September 2010 by Sarah McKechnie

Il Simbolo della Nuova Era

Questo simbolo rappresenta alcune forze significative e alcuni elementi tra i più profondi che in questo momento agiscono in modo crescente mentre la Nuova Era avanza.

The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer

There are comments on the World Wide Web claiming that the Lucis Trust was once called the Lucifer Trust. Such was never the case.

Discesa e Sacrificio

Si deve sempre scegliere tra due percorsi diversi e tale scelta, per l’uomo, deve essere guidata dal libero arbitrio.(Ristampa da The Beacon, Settembre-Ottobre 1989)

Concerning The Ageless Wisdom Writings On The Jewish People

The following thoughts are offered for consideration by people of goodwill who seek to reconcile their interest in and respect for the books of Alice Bailey with the occasionally controversial statements found in the books about the role of the Jewish people in the divine Plan for our world.

Restoring the Divine Circulatory Flow

In essence, money is a mutual agreement and an agreement implies relationship.

Personalities and Authority

There is a good deal of speculation as to my identity prevalent at this time, and much discussion as to the authority or non-authority of the books for which I am responsible. For this there is no need and it is quite profitless.

The Force of Liberation

Death as Transition -- Esoteric Perspectives on the Survival of Consciousness
...the only real death is limitation, which is what incarnation into dense physical substance is from the perspective of the illumined mind – liberation from it being entrance into greater life.

La Coscienza dell'Amore

Il rapporto fra amore e coscienza è un importante punto chiave degli insegnamenti di Alice Bailey