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The Lucis Trust and its service activities foster and promote the universal principles and values upon which a just and holistic world order must be based. All the activities of the Lucis Trust, including the training provided by the Arcane School and the offerings of the Service Activities, Triangles and World Goodwill, are made available without charge. This work is financed entirely by donations. The Lucis Trust is a tax-exempt, non-profit educational organization (501c3 status).

You can support the Lucis Trust by:

  • Donations by credit/debit card, occasionally or as a monthly deduction from your account.
  • Donations in U.S. or Canadian dollars.
  • Donations of publically traded securities. These can be transferred directly to the Lucis Trust without incurring capital gains taxes.
  • Workplace giving campaigns, which can have tax benefits for the donor. Many employers also match employees’ charitable contributions.
  • Remembering the Lucis Trust in your will or living trust.

Without bequests and legacies, the Lucis Trust would not be able to continue its work. If you are considering including a legacy to the Lucis Trust in your will, you are strongly advised to ask an attorney to prepare a will for you.

The following is a suggested form for bequests:

I hereby bequeath the sum of $_______ to the Lucis Trust, a non-profit tax-exempt corporation with offices at 120 Wall Street, New York, New York 10005, for the support of its general activities* without restriction as to particular use.

*or alternatively: to the Lucis Trust for the support of the Arcane School, Triangles action, book publishing, or World Goodwill action.

It is useful to keep a brochure about the Lucis Trust with your will or trust document in order to provide your Executors with information they may need. This saves delay.

You do not have to tell us if you are leaving a legacy to the Lucis Trust in your will, but it would be helpful to us to know, as it may affect our long term financial planning. Information about the amount of your legacy is not required, but we would appreciate receiving for our records a copy of the relevant portion(s) of the will relating to your intended gift.

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