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Arcane School

Training in New Age Discipleship

There is a Way by which men and women may achieve knowledge and understanding of the light, love and purpose of divinity, and learn to wield these spiritual energies in the service of humanity to speed the progress of human evolution. Many have trodden the Way before us, leaving for our guidance the laws and rules of the Road, graded according to the need and spiritual status of the student and aspirant.


New York: May 2 -3, 2015

Geneva: May 23 - 24, 2015

London: May 30 - 31, 2015


Reflections by Arcane School students on Problems of Humanity and The Life of Discipleship


Meditation offers an alternative to the purely materialistic values of modern life.

Twelve Spiritual Festivals

The twelve annual Festivals will constitute a revelation of divinity. (Alice A. Bailey)

The Electric Bridge

The Mysteries contain the key to the science which will unlock the mystery of electricity

The Tibetan Master's Work

Background and framework to the Master Djwhal Khul's work with Alice Bailey


Information for our libraries in London and New York, application forms in PDF format.